Literacy Practices Sharing Circle with Dr. Shirley Walters

Shirley Walters directed the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education and the Division for Lifelong Learning over 30 years. She is a feminist and social justice activist working locally and globally. She currently serves as deputy president (Africa) on the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE). Her latest co-edited book (with Astrid von Kotze) is Forging Solidarity: Popular Education at Work 2017 Sense Publishers, Rotterdam.

Join us for an informal learning exchange with Dr. Shirley Walters, Professor Emerita, Adult & Continuing Education, University of Western Cape, South Africa. She will share what’s going on in South Africa in relation to Adult Learning and Education, and she is eager to learn from us about what is going on in the DTES. The discussion will focus around some key themes:

  • What and how do socio-economic factors in the South African context impact literacy?
  • How do literacy workers in South Africa define literacy?
  • How can groups overcome ‘fragmented activism’ to advocate for change and what does that look like in the South African context?

WHEN: Thursday June 8, 3:00- 4:30

WHERE: 612 Main Street

RSVP: (Space is limited)

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